Travis Scott Performs Live Concert in Fortnite

Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, have blown the world of virtual events away again. Last night, the Travis Scott Astronomical Concert broke all previous records of concurrent players in the game and proved that Fortnite live events are a force to be reckoned with. 

This is not Epic Game’s first foray into live events in Fortnite. Previous live events in the game include the mech vs. kaiju battle, the black hole that wiped out an entire island and the Marshmello show of 2019. Each of these live events have been bigger, more elaborate and more dynamic than the last.

Future of Fortnite as We Know it 

On Twitter Tim Sweeney, the chief executive of Epic Games, was asked: “do you view Fortnite as a game or as a platform?” His response was quick and possibly very telling. Sweeney responded: “Fortnite is a game. But please ask that question again in 12 months.”

Fortnite is a massively popular game and is becoming a coveted spot for advertisers because of its cross-platform reach. While it does not have the number of users other platforms do such as Instagram or Facebook, Fortnite is a largely loyal community of players who spend on average 25% of their free time on the game. It has become much more than a game for many of its users by combining aspects of social media, gaming, and streaming all in one place. Henry Cowling, creative managing director at MediaMonks, says: “Fortnite is the new Facebook in many ways.”

Why This Event Was Different

One week ago Epic Games and Travis Scott announced the concert would be taking place on multiple social channels. This promotion tactic was not the only unique piece of this virtual concert, it was also announced that this concert would be played not only once, but five different times. These additional showings were designed so players all around the world could enjoy the event. This also allowed for millions more fans to experience the show. 

The first showing of this concert had over 12.3 million players in the game, but this number does not account for the streamers of the event. Rod Breslau on Twitter reported that there were at least 1.7+ million streamers on YouTube and about 1.2+ million streamers on Twitch watching the show live.

Travis Scott Fortnite Concert Live

Virtual Concerts: Way of the Future

The show itself lasted about 15 minutes with a digital version of Travis Scott performing the fully-animated set. As Scott moved from one song to the next, his avatar would change and the entire scene would shift. 

The opening number took place on Sweaty Islands Beach but quickly was transported to a fiery landscape with a cyborg Scott, then suddenly the audience was on rollercoasters, and at one point the crowd was fully submerged underwater watching a giant spaceman version of Travis Scott performing.

Travis Scott Fortnite Concert Live

Key Takeaway

This kind of show and experience could have only existed in a virtual world. While live concerts are becoming more technologically advanced, nothing can come close to giant versions of the performer flying through space or submerging the audience entirely underwater. Reviewers are raving about the show, Forbes calling it a “stunning spectacle and glimpse at the metaverse.” 

After the event was over, Scott tweeted: “Honestly today was one of the most inspiring days. Love every single one of you guys.”

Coming into the world of Fortnite where these players already were, rather than asking them to come into his, Travis Scott emerged to an entirely new audience base. We expect to be seeing more live events from Epic Games with amazing opportunities for both growth and exposure.

Watch Full Show Here: