The Comeback of Crocs

We all know them, but do we all love them? Gen Z seems to. Whether they’re decorating them with Jibbetz, wearing them in relaxed mode or kicking them into sport mode, Gen Z had a heavy influence in the comeback of Crocs.

Now, if you don’t know what we’re talking about, Crocs are hole-covered, rubber clogs. They first entered the market in 2002, where they quickly became a popular shoe for children and adolescents.

However, you may have noticed something unusual about these popular shoes. They aren’t super attractive. Their inherently unique look created an avenue for an endless stream of jokes and memes about the shoes.

Crocs had their ever-loyal fans (or a small cult following), but overall, the shoe sales slowly became isolated to niche consumers. This group was dubbed as unstylish, but are they actually trendsetters? 

A Boom in Sales

In 2018, Crocs announced the closing of its owned manufacturing facility. However, shortly after this announcement, Crocs saw a boom in sales. They reported a revenue over $350 million, growing 9.4% during the second quarter of 2018.

Who is responsible for this growth? Gen Z, of course. According to Piper Jaffray, Crocs rank as the seventh most preferred shoe brand of Gen Z. We know what you’re wondering, but no, Crocs didn’t made a comeback because of their contributions to fashion.

The comeback of Crocs is a direct consequence of meme culture and being the butt of the joke. As Gen Z sees more and more Crocs jokes on social media, their FOMO kicks in. As a result, they ordered themselves a new pair of Crocs, and began adding to the trend on social media.

Memes, of course 

The love for making fun of Crocs began early on and has been continued into today’s memes. One of the earliest forms of bashing the shoe was a Facebook page titled “I Dont care How Comfortable Crocs Are, You Look Like A Dumbass” created in 2009. Today, social media users on nearly every platform can find memes that joke at the shoes’ expense. Clearly, Crocs is a brand that understands the importance of memes, and this has given them a huge advantage in their comeback. 

Crocs meme


Resulting from the success of TikTok and its timing with the growth of Crocs’s popularity with Gen Z, Crocs are everywhere on this app’s main feed, the “For You” page. Per TikTok’s usual, most of the appearances of the shoes are to the tune of a challenge.

One of the challenges consisted of simply filling a Croc with shaving cream and stepping into the shoe. The explosive finale of these TikToks kept users laughing and wanting to try it for themselves. 

KidneySothran on TikTok

KidneySothran(@kidkneesothran) has created a short video on TikTok with music Woahh.

Additionally, Crocs can be seen in the “un poco loco” challenge. In harmony with the lyrics of the song, “Un Poco Loco,” from Disney’s Coco, TikTok users were turning their Crocs into hilarious hats for their pets.

devin😔✌🏼 on TikTok

devin😔✌🏼(@devinromanowski1) has created a short video on TikTok with music cat going un poco loco. i want to be tik tok famous #foryou #unpocoloco #cat #videomagic #gradszn

Staying Current

Following the comeback of Crocs, the company needs to stay current with its new audience. To do this, Crocs offers collaborative lines with popular celebrities, artists, and brands. Most notably, Crocs recently announced a Post Malone line of Crocs. Other collaborative lines include Luke Combs, Vera Bradley, and Barneys New York.

These collaborative lines welcome new memes and social media content for Crocs.

The Butt of the Joke

Sometimes being the butt of the joke isn’t a bad thing. It has certainly allowed for the comeback of Crocs. While the shoe still isn’t any more fashionable than it was in 2002, it is far more trendy in the eyes of the Gen Z audience. 

As the punchline of memes and social media content, the Crocs brand has been making mass impressions. It has paid off for the company, and it’s working for other big brands, too.

Stand Out

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