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Memes for President 2020

Meme marketing… We’ve talked about it before, you already know the drill. It’s a powerful tool. It even brought Crocs back to life (unfortunately). For marketers, its most powerful application is in reaching Gen Z audiences. 

Most recently, you have probably seen a new type of meme campaign. One for the 2020 presidential race. Politics and memes? A match made in heaven, right? Actually, yes. 

Memes and… Politics? 

Democratic candidate Mike Bloomberg, made a bold strike into the meme world when he partnered with Meme 2020. This week, meme lovers woke up to a flood of Bloomberg memes in their feeds on some of Instagram’s most popular meme pages.

An article in the New York Times reported that the campaign worked with 18 accounts totaling a cumulative follow count of over 60 million. Over the past week, due to this viral exposure, Bloomberg’s Instagram has gained over 70,000 followers. 

The Future of Meme Marketing

You may think of Gen Zers as kids, but they are quickly rising to voting age and more and more of them enter the workforce every day. As their influence and discretionary spending increase, marketers need to pay attention to their needs. 

Native content ads, like meme marketing, are a perfect way to reach Gen Z. They are bombarded with ads from every platform and turn towards premium subscripts or ad-blockers to avoid them altogether. 

By placing an ad in-feed and having it mirror organic content, viewers read the full text before they understand that it’s even an ad. Along the way, they might laugh, like the post, comment on it, or even send it to a friend. This kind of increased engagement, with a more relatable tone and approach, is why meme marketing is taking over. 

Looking for More?

The Scout Social team loves this campaign and we love creating our own sensations even more. If you are looking to scale a meme marketing campaign, we have a network of our own with 800 million followers. Ready to get started? Let’s chat. 

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