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Marketing with Lenses: Opportunity for Brand Engagement

Snapchat paved the way for marketing with lenses. Now, Instagram adopted the lenses to its own interface. Lenses are an interactive feature on front and rear-facing cameras. They allow the user to view, record, and capture augmented reality. User’s faces are being turned into a taco. Sometimes they’re sporting their favorite football teams’ helmet. Whatever experience the lens creates, Gen Z and Millennials love to use and share them.

Lenses Across Platforms

Even though social media lenses are very similar across the platforms, they aren’t quite the same. Both create an augmented reality environment for their users to enjoy. Both allow users to create their own lenses and filters. However, so far, only Snapchat allows paid promotion for brands marketing with lenses.

Instagram only recently added an AR filter creation studio. Snapchat users have had access to this feature since 2017. With these features, users and brands can create their own lenses to share with the community. 

Snapchat allows for lens monetization, and it’s been very successful. AR Insider estimated Snapchat’s 2018 ad revenue to be $236 million. Snapchat allows for interactive messaging between users. Thus, it fosters an ideal environment for brands that are marketing with lenses.

Lenses for Marketing

Using Snapchat lenses for marketing is a great tactic for any brand. Tons of brands are executing successful Snapchat campaigns using AR lenses, such as Gatorade, BMW, and Gain Laundry Detergent. When it comes to lenses, the bolder the better. All it takes is one great idea to make your campaign skyrocket.

According to Snapchat, users spend an average of 20 seconds playing with a lens. This means brands get 20 seconds of interaction PLUS however long each friend they send it to or sees it on their story spends looking at it. Considering most video social media ads (that no one is actually watching) are 30 seconds long, that’s a lot of exposure. For example, Taco Bell executed a wildly successful Snapchat lens campaign. In May of 2016, they created a lens that made the user’s face look like a taco. According to AdWeek, this campaign earned 224 million views in just one day. 

Snapchat lenses offer companies an organic way to disseminate a message. They are sharable, playable, and fun. Today’s generations demand more from their advertising than commercials and passive billboards. “This isn’t the place to simply slap your logo on a boring image—nobody wants to share that with their friends” reminds Hootsuite. Users want to interact, to laugh, and to be part of the fun. Snapchat lenses are a way for marketers to give Gen Z and Millennials the advertising that they want.

Moreover, marketing with lenses is perfect for garnering mass impressions. They reach a large audience. Lenses create an avenue for brand interaction, furthering brand recognition amongst large audiences. So, each time a user sends a selfie, these interactive ads reach millions of users.

Lenses with Scout

At Scout Social, we understand the impact that a Snapchat lens campaign can have on a brand. We want to help brands reach their full marketing potential. In order to do this, we build Snapchat lenses for our clients from start to finish.

After we create the lenses, they’re shared organically. They reach mass audiences through our native media network. Plus, they’re offered to our clients at an extremely competitive price.

Want to know more about how Scout Social creates and implements Snapchat lens campaigns? You can do so here where you can also read a case study about one of our recent campaigns.

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