Gen Zer holding smartphone, the genration war between gen z and millennials is off to the races read on to find out more.

Gen Z Vs. Millennials: What’s the Difference?

Gen Z is dragging their Millenial counterparts, read on to fully understand the differences between these two generations.

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zynn tiktok app pays users

Zynn, A TikTok Lookalike, Pays Users to Watch Videos

Wait, a TikTok clone is paying people to sit back and watch videos in-app? What’s the catch? Read on to see.

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Music promotion, fans live show phones, tiktok social media marketing apps

Music Promotion and TikTok: A Match Made in Heaven

How can TikTok be simultaneously the biggest disruptor to the music cycle as well as the biggest gift? Read on to find out.

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Marketing on TikTok brand image social media platform

Does Your Brand Need A TikTok? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself First.

It seems like everyone who is anyone is on TikTok now. Should your brand join? Read more to find out.

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Travis Scott Performs Live Concert in Fortnite

Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, and Travis Scott’s Astronomical Concert broke all previous records of concurrent players in the game and proved that Fortnite live events are a force to be reckoned with.

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memes for president

Memes for President 2020

Meme marketing… We’ve talked about it before, you already know the drill. It’s a powerful tool. It even brought Crocs back to life (unfortunately). For …

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